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Hello Areavoices!

Posted by on April 24, 2012

How have you all been? It’s been awhile since I have posted on here, but I thought I would just update ya all! Right now it is fall in Australia… so, it hasn’t been overly hot. Which, is a good thing… My boyfriend tells me that being a Minnesotan I can only handle like a 5 degree comfort temp. Anything above 85 degrees F is too hot and anything below 80 is too cold… Well, he isn’t completely correct on the cold part. He just says that because I am always wearing sweaters in the summer in Australia. Well, what can I say – I get cold easily. 😛

I have been busy with tons of things lately. I just got back from Toowoomba. It is a beautiful area where there are rustic iron wind mills, farms, and fields. It almost reminds me of home in the Minnesota/North Dakota region.
I was there for a writing workshop with Kathy Hoopmann who wrote the book “All Cats Have Aspergers” She was an amazing lady with a great life story. She is Australian, but had lived so many years in Saudi Arabia. At the workshop I also met an Italian and other Australians. It was so interesting hearing all these stories about how people grew up and where. I was the only American and my boyfriend was the only one originally from South Africa.

After that we spent a lovely evening in the Queens Park. It was beautiful with twisting trees, conifers, and even some tropical trees. We walked around and watched some of the trees that were changing colours.

At the workshop Kathy spoke about Memoir style writing. It was an enjoyable class and I think that I will do more of it. Maybe I will write a little memoir every day and then you can read it. It would be from different times in my life. The life of a small town girl from Minnesota who travels the world.

Would you be interested in reading my memoirs if I posted a little every few days? :)

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